What else can you do before or after the weekend you might wonder. Sweden is beautiful, and Denmark is right on the door step so there is plenty for you to do!


Åhus is the second largest locality in Kristianstad Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 9,423 inhabitants in 2010, but the number triples during the summer due to tourists. In September the tourist season is over, and the town will have returned to its quiet sleepy self again.


Åhus is the home of Absolute Vodka so a visit to the Absolutions distillery is a must during your stay. If you want to go on a tour you will need to book ahead. Visit their website for more information: www.absoluthome.com

If you are looking for a culinary adventure you need to try Swedish pizza. Is Swedish pizza even a thing, you ask? Certainly, it is. Wonderfully versatile, the Swedish pizza is a melting pot of desires and appetites irrespective of conventional rules and nutritional value. Commonly available ingredients listed on the Swedish pizza menu include bananas, peanuts, shellfish, curry, bearnaise or garlic sauce. Always eaten with the traditional ‘pizza salad’ made from cabbage. This fast-food item is quintessentially Swedish in its equal love of all and inclusive of all tastes. The one Swedish pizza that wins over many hearts is the infamous kebab pizza. At the center of Åhus you will find 'Åhus Pizzeria' (Köpmannagatan 17, 296 31 Åhus) make sure to stop by for a lunch or dinner while you are here.


Skåne is the southernmost part of Sweden, and obviously the best part. There is plenty to see and do even in the off season. From cultural, culinary city life to your own private piece of forest, Skåne offers you an enormous variety of experiences, all within an hour’s drive. From championship golf courses, to canoeing, high adventure to relaxing spa, fine dining to pub grub, you’ll find everything to satisfy your heart, soul and stomach.


Malmö is natural stop on the way from Copenhagen with plenty to see and do. If you have a car follow the coast up and stop in all the cute small towns on the way, such as Ales Stenar (Ale's Stones) in Ystad or Kivik the home of Swedish cider. 

To find out more check out visit Skåne: https://visitskane.com/


Copenhagen is just across the bridge and being the place you are most likely flying to and from it only makes sense you take some time to have a look around. Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandi cool. Modernist lamps light New Nordic tables, bridges buzz with cycling commuters and eye-candy locals dive into pristine waterways.

Rent a bike and take a ride around town, stop by Nyhavn for a coffee by the canal and watch the old wooden ships. Christiania a hippie neighbourhood in Copenhagen and another must for your stop over. 


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Andrea Kashani